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Fresh, clean water.  No parasites!
Basic supplies are difficult to obtain, but labor is readily available and eager to assist.
Local Grocery in Santa Barbara
Clean water, no parasites
Clean water, no parasites

Our Approach

Chelsey Moore, Exec. Director

Chelsey Moore identifies health needs and fulfills them on behalf of Nomadic Wellness.  Currently working in Honduras, Nomadic Wellness is a welcomed participant in local health.  Working with the mayor, local clinics and other NGO's, Nomadic Wellness gets it done!

Our Story

Nomadic Wellness

2021 Focus

Nomadic Wellness will visit Santa Barbara, Honduras again this year.  Covid19 limited travel in 2020. We know most diseases affecting Hondurans are entirely preventable, yet, lack of resources have created a culture of sustained sickness and poor quality of life. 

Proper health care is directly related to one’s income level and in Honduras 62.8% of the population live in poverty.  The immediate focus is sustainable water purification to cure chronic gastric maladies found in all citizens in Santa Barbara.  Nomadic Wellness is proud to serve these gentle, appreciative citizens.

Nomadic Wellness' extended mission work takes place at the orphanage, Hogar de Niños, where 60 children live under the supervision of 6 adults. Many have struggled with mental, physical and sexual abuse as well abandonment.  Nomadic Wellness already provides clean, purified water, ridding parasites, enhancing the lives of these children. 

Additional trips will include Chiapas, Mexico and medical assistance to the three oldest indian tribes on the planet. Current fundraising will be toward vitamin therapies for these indigenous peoples, many with eye sight issues or premature, total blindness.  Joint missions to accomplish cataract surgeries are being established and a comprehensive needs assessment at the local clinic will be determined in April.

Meet the Team

Our team is energetic and active.  With their help, much was accomplished in the last two years and we expect to give much more this year.  Their hard work and dedication is appreciated.

Chelsey Moore Nomadic Wellness Champion

Chelsey Moore

Founder & General Director

Chelsey Moore runs Nomadic Wellness and is the driving force behind fulfilling our missions.  Hand's on, Chelsey is on-site at local hospitals, clinics and orphanages, assisting local healthcare workers, learning their techniques while bringing ideas and approaches to basic health.  A graduate of Texas Women's University, graduating in just 3 years, Chelsey will begin medical school this year.

Nomadic Wellness Adrian Balansay

Adrian Balansay


Ken McNerney

Ken McNerney


Ken McNerney, a well-known CFO and financier from Newport Beach, CA, gives guidance and financial oversight to Nomadic Wellness.  With years of banking and auditing, Ken is a welcome addition.


Wade Lindsey


Wade Lindsey is in charge of deployment.  When healthcare products or devices are to be shipped, Wade gets it done.  He both accepts in-kind donations from suppliers and ships to remote for us.

A graduate of University of North Texas, Wade holds a biology degree and is currently working in business management for an ophthalmologist.

Next Steps...

Please help us fund our current projects at GoFundMe.  Click to the right.  We need your help!  Everything is appreciated.