We appreciate your being here and would love your help.  Below is the current needs list.  Each item has been requested by a specific hospital or clinic.  You are most welcome to donate money, as this is used to ship and deploy these items.  Thank you!

List of supplies needed

Scrubs (assorted sizes)

Newborn onesies

Reusable surgical gowns for patients

Sterile gowns for surgeons

Blankets for babies

Heated blankets

Heat lamps

Sheets for stretchers

Pulse oximeters (regular and pediatric)


Strips for glucometers


Blood pressure cuffs (assorted sizes)

Stethoscopes (regular and pediatric)

Digital thermometers

IV catheters


Sterile gloves


M95 mask

Otoscope covers


Surgical instruments

Mesh for hernia operations

Disposable diapers (adult and baby)


Surgical stands/Mayo stand

Sutures (assorted)

Premilene sutures (4.0, 3.0, 2.0, 1.0)

Spinal needles #25 and #26

Laryngeal mask airway #2, 2.5, 3, 4, 5

Oropharyngeal airway-guedel (assorted sizes)

Laryngoscopes (curved and straight, adult and pediatric

Endotracheal tubes

Jackson Rees circuit (pediatric)


Tracheostomy cannulas

Short wire for orthopedic surgery

Screwdriver size 3.5 and 4.5 for orthopedic surgery

Welch Allyn bulb 3.5v (03100) for laryngoscope and otoscope

Electrosurgical cautery pencils

Plates for electrosurgical cautery pencils

Fetal Doppler

Wheelchairs (adult and pediatric)


Gynecological stretchers

Monitors for vital signs

Swan neck lamp

Swivel chairs for operating room

Small stainless steel sink

Auxiliary stainless steel table

Red medical trolley table

Neonatal headbox for oxygen

Ultrasound laptop


X-ray machine

CT machine

On acceptance, we ship overseas

While much of our donations are new, we are happy to accept recent equipment such as dental chairs and equipment, much newer than decades old equipment we regularly encounter.

Do you have questions?

Our staff are available to answer your questions.  We are small and nimble, and promise to get to you within 48 hours as often we are on site with no access to internet.  We appreciate your patience!