Our 2021 Nomadic Wellness projects are defined and we are focused on accomplishing them.  Honduras gets more water purification devices and annual filter replacements on existing units.  Orphanages and schools continue to be our focus.

Chiapas, Mexico holds the three oldest indian tribes on the planet.  Premature blindness occurs there with impunity, due to the diet of these mountainous peoples.  We are implementing a vitamin regimen there, as well as beginning an annual iSight Missions joint-venture, curing blindness in the existing stricken.


"We keep moving forward, opening new doors, and doing new things, because we're curious and curiosity keeps leading us down new paths."

Walt Disney

We Can Help

Children continue to suffer, due to contaminated water.  They grow up thinking it is normal to have chronic dysentery and stomach cramping.  Stunted growth and other problems insue.

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New Horizons

Chiapas, Mexico is a new venture for our Nomadic Wellness crew.  We are excited to be invited to this venue, up in the mountains.  Blindness is a focus, along with needs assessments for future/long-term solutions.  Sustainable is "word one."

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Indiginous at Risk

2021 brings a new venue into focus with an at-risk population needing help.  Blindness comes to many as early as 20 years old, due to a diet of beans and little else.  Cataracts occur frequently.  A co-venture with iSight Missions of San Diego will address and cure the existing blind.  Our sustainable, longer-term goal will be to provide vitamins and nutrients into the diet to prevent future cataracts from occurring.

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