On-site in Santa Barbara, Honduras, "scrubbed up."  We are currently working as assistants to local doctors.   We bring understanding and technical assistance to these remote, yet remarkable human beings.  We show love and empathy, daily.  In these areas, with medical supplies limited, it is difficult to be successful.  It saddens.

During down time in the Operating Room, we give assistance at the local orphanage where we find huge need.  Children have been abandoned and are lost without hope.  We council and encourage while assessing health.


  1. We are very proud of the work Nomadic Wellness is doing in Honduras. If we can help in any way with donations toward more water purification equipment in Santa Barbara, just let us know. The GoFundMe page gives a simple way to donate.

    Wishing all the luck in the world for 2018 to all of you there. Congratulations to Chelsey Moore.
    Bobby Vassallo

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