Remote Hostpital Staffing

Nomadic Wellness donates time in remote hospital locations, bringing and teaching new techniques.  While on site, needs assessments are completed and needs lists created for fulfillment in the US.  Nomadic Wellness' executive director, Chelsey Moore, spends time in the field.

"We believe in assessing health needs and fulfilling them, regardless of location.  Health fixes, simple to American health care workers, are foreign to some remote clinics.  Even clean water is a challenge.  Children die due to lack of basic medical supplies," says Moore.

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Crystal Quest 

Filters were generously discounted by Crystal Quest of Kennesaw, Georgia.  These 16 stage filters are the finest we could muster, protecting children from parasites.

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Clean Water Projects

Nomadic Wellness staff recognize that water-borne pathogens and their resulting diseases are a major public health concern in the Third World.  Deaths caused by contaminated water are staggering in number.  Simple filters and filtration systems are a first step in prevention and treatment. These diseases are directly related to pollution of these environments.

Five hundred dollars can filtrate enough water for a school full of children, plumbing and all.  Nomadic Wellness will focus on this basic building block to good health, finding water pollution to be the most major contributor to health problems in the Third World.


2020 Projects

Our projects include a return to Honduras and a new venture to Chiapas Mexico.  Click below!

2020 Projects!

Needs Assessments

Nomadic Wellness "needs assessments" lead to needs deployment, shipping goods to the proper hospitals and clinics and making sure the appropriate persons receive them.  Pirating occurs when precautions aren't taken, so onsite meetings are vital to locating responsible doctors and administrators to ship to.

Shipping costs are problematic and donations help to pay for getting supplies to the affected areas.  Nomadic Wellness maintains a "NEEDS LIST" and appreciates your assistance.



Nomadic Wellness began 2019 with success in Honduras!  We installed water filters in Santa Barbara


Since 1993

Nomadic Wellness

Chelsey Moore is an aspiring physician working on projects in Honduras. While one of the most beautiful countries, Honduras can be dangerous.  Chelsey has worked in the town of Santa Barbara, volunteering her EMT skills.  The local hospital appreciates her rotating in and assisting where she is needed. Her daily routine has her witnessing health care from a completely different perspective. Nomadic Wellness was born from that experience. 

While broadening her medical intellect, Chelsey has gotten a clear idea of how much medical help Honduras needs. Working side by side with some of the most compassionate doctors, she has learned the true limitations they are restricted by.  Doing everything they can to improve the lives of those who depend on them, a doctor's care could be greatly enhanced with basic materials; those normal and routine in the US.

With a simple and common intubation tube of the proper size, a child might live through severe respiratory distress.  Unfortunately, endotracheal tubes of the right size for intubating these children don’t exist here and children die.  Chelsey has watched this in disbelief and sadness.

With proper masks, the medical staff can protect themselves from tuberculosis, but, indeed the proper M95 masks are simply not available here.  Gastrointestinal illness would be virtually decreased if citizens of Honduras had access to clean water. Inexpensive filters, knocking out 99+ percent of the solids and contaminants are not available here. 

These few examples show the severity of the need and demonstrate Chelsey’s frustration. Chelsey, while putting fourth her best effort to improve the lives of these disadvantaged people, realizes that she can only do so much.  Like the doctors around her, she needs weapons to fight with. 

Chelsey's purpose is to share love, compassion and health/wellness with the world through her knowledge of medicine.  Nomadic Wellness may not be able to change the world, but Chelsey and others can improve health and leave areas of the remote world in a better condition.  

lindawilson930@gmail. com
CHELSEY MOORE - General Director

Next Steps...

A thousand bucks installs a reverse-osmosis water system into a school, orphanage or a clinic.  We permanently affix a sign with your company or family name and send pictures.  We appreciate all your interest. "HELP US COMPLETE OUR MISSION!" Click Right!"  

Chelsey Moore