Water Disaster / Honduras

Hurricane Iota dumped buckets of rain on Santa Barbara, leaving rivers flooded, roads washed away, mudslides, and no electric power. NO tapwater has existed since mid-November and hundreds of people line up daily at our orphanage for purified water.  Our water filtration system, built for perhaps 100 users a day, was called upon to deliver to hundreds a day.  Even the fire department was attempting to fill trucks for emergency delivery.  Overwhelmed, it our water purification system has stopped working.

Due to the increased need for clean water, the electric bill has skyrocketed.

Our friend, Dr. Rodriguez is seeing patients suffering from gastrointestinal issues due to dirty water; the only option. The Mayor, Fatima Juarez Alcaldesa, has asked for a BIG unit to be placed in the town square and we are responding.  We have located a unit that will supply up to 5,000 gallons per day.  Clean drinking water is a must, or people will die.  Already, our orphanage is in jeopardy again, now that the town's people have overwhelmed our water filtration.

Clean Water Projects

Nomadic Wellness staff recognize that water-borne pathogens and their resulting diseases are a major public health concern in the Third World.  Deaths caused by contaminated water are staggering in number.  Simple filters and filtration systems are a first step in prevention and treatment. These diseases are directly related to pollution of these environments.

Five hundred dollars can filtrate enough water for a school full of children, plumbing and all.  Nomadic Wellness will focus on this basic building block to good health, finding water pollution to be the most major contributor to health problems in the Third World.


2021 Projects

Our projects include a return to Honduras and a new venture to Chiapas Mexico.  Click below!

2021 Projects!

Needs Assessments

Nomadic Wellness identifies an area's healthcare needs, fulfilling a positive social revolution in medical outcomes. Constant viligence is requred, as pirating occurs when precautions aren't taken.  Onsite meetings are vital to locating responsible doctors and administrators to ship to.

Shipping costs are problematic and donations help to pay for getting supplies to the affected areas.  Nomadic Wellness maintains a "NEEDS LIST" and appreciates your assistance.



Santa Barbara, Honduras has been hit hard by the pandemic.  With no access to masks for even the most active healthcare worker, the virus has spread.  Nomadic Wellness is currently preparing a shipment of masks to the local hospital to distribute to front line workers.  The shipment will go with our next water filter delivery.


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Currently in the Masters in Public Health program at SUNY, Chelsey Moore is an aspiring physician. Chelsey has worked on projects in Central America, volunteering her EMT skills while creating water projects to clear parasites so present in the water supply.  Chelsey has witnessed health care from a completely different perspective, actually working and living in Central America, lending skills to orphanages, schools and clinics. Nomadic Wellness was born from this experience. 

CHELSEY MOORE - General Director

Next Steps...

A thousand bucks installs a reverse-osmosis water system into a school, orphanage or a clinic.  We permanently affix a sign with your company or family name and send pictures.  We appreciate all your interest. "HELP US COMPLETE OUR MISSION!" Click Right!"  

Chelsey Moore