2020 Volunteers

On my first mission, I wasn't sure quite what to expect.  Having not traveled extensively, I had many ideas floating in my head.  As soon as my feet touched the ground on that foreign soil, I knew I'd return.  Life took on a different, better quality for me.

If you haven't been on a mission like this before, it is life changing.  Please volunteer.  We have a big house in Honduras and plenty of room.  We will take only seven volunteers this trip.  Honduras from March 23rd to the 29th for our first (RED) group.  The second (Green) group will be in Chiapas from March 29th to April 4th.  All trips are to and from Dallas.

Hopefully, one of our volunteers will be good with a camera.  Another, handy with tools.  Another, in a health-related field.  All fun, educational and life-changing.  Join us!

Chelsey Moore



Want a life-altering trip this year?

I urge you to join a mission to one of Nomadic Wellness' 2020 venues.  Honduras or Southern Mexico, either will be rewarding and memorable. 

Chelsey Moore


Absolutely amazing...

What Chelsey Moore and Nomadic Wellness did in 2019 was miraculous.  Crystal Quest delivered the best in water purification to the Honduras orphanage.  We were happy to be involved.  We will donate again in 2020!

Ken McNerney / North Texas Fiber, Inc.